Birthday   Special

(YEAR OF THE RAT Jan 25, 2020 - Feb 11, 2021)

AO Hawaiian Hideout would like to help you celebrate your birthday in style... receive a    

FREE  "KRAKEN" tiki mug!!! 

Restrictions apply:

1) MUST call to make a reservation of 5 or more guests

2) B-day MUST fall    within  a week of actual DOB (MUST present valid ID)

3) ONLY 1 mug  per table

4) May NOT combine any other specials/discounts

Lunch Hours:  a min of $350 and MUST submit  orders at least 36 hours prior to the event date via email
Regular Business Hours:  we work with everyone's budget

Signature Sushi Rolls: Raw | Mixed  | Cooked | Vegan


Appetizers:  Egg Rolls | Pot Sticker Dumplings | Vegan Lumpias 


Salads: Asian Sesame Chicken Salad | Tofu Vegan Salad


Tacos (min 48 hrs): Kalua Pork Belly  | Polynesian Fried Fish


Empanadas (min 48 hrs): Spam  & Pineapple


Hawaiian Sliders (min 48 hrs): Coconut Chicken | Hoisin BBQ Spam Sliders|   Teriyaki Tofu Vegan Sliders


Signature  Island Favs:  Hawaiian Pulehu Short Ribs aka Kalbi | Adobo Chicken | Hoisin BBQ Spam &  O'mao'ma'o (cilantro, jalapeno, green scallion) Rice, Shoyu Glazed Salmon Fillets (min 72 hrs)


Popular Asian Cuisines: Panang | Mongolian | Teriyaki Bourbon | Bibimbap | Kung Pao | Wok Seared Garden Veggies


Fried Rice:  all options available


Noodles: all options available,

EXCEPT Pad Thai (this item does not sit well for very long)


Desserts: Belgium Chocolate Mousse Cake | Limoncello Mascarpone Cake | Vegan Mango Frozé